SURPRISE! Sarah is pregnant. No, it’s not my birthday, but this did happen ON my birthday (see video below). She is currently 9 and a half weeks-ish. Baby is due in November. AND IT’S JUST ONE THIS TIME! We’ve been waiting to tell people and the suspense has been killing us! …or at least me. I suck at keeping secrets. This comic is the last comic in my book, which is actually one of the reasons it took me so long to send it to the printer, is I didn’t want to ship it out too early before we broke the news to everyone. Anyway, we are super exited, a little nervous, some of us are quite nauseated and a few of us haven’t clued in that mommy is pregnant yet (although Eli did say “baby tum!” and pointed at Sarah’s tummy the other day)

Well, I kind of thought I would have more to say about this, but I think that pretty much covers it. No comic tomorrow, you only get one per week! this one came a little early. Have a good one!