This comic is a throwback to the first 3 panel comic strip I drew for Two by Two, and you might need to read it first to fully appreciate the joke, you can see it here. Our cat is so fat, and he’s big to cat begin with just in terms of length and paw size, so he’s gotta be close to 20lbs or so. And, because we have our own insecurities, we hurl them onto the cat and berate him for his weight because, what does he know, he’s a cat. Just kidding, although I do call him fatty a lot lol.

It occurred to me that Two by Two is pushing 200 comic strips, so I’m trying to think of a fun way to celebrate such a milestone! If you have any ideas let me know. Maybe I’ll put together an e-book of all the latest 100 posts combined with the bonus Patreon strips. who knows, I’ll keep you posted..

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That’s all I got for you today! Happy Tuesday (that feels weird. comics usually come out on Monday’s…)