Ah, the multiverse. Allowing comic book writers to completely change origins and hero mythology. Friend of the retconner, chum to the uninformed content producer, lover of those who operate entirely on whim. Comic worlds often have a multiverse, which, for the layman, is a way to be able to keep specific story lines active without effecting possible existing story lines, or guest appearances in different books. For instance, anything that happens in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth 199999) happens only in that universe. So when Captain America turns out to be a Hydra Agent in the main comic book universe (Earth 616) it has no effect on the cinematic universe or the ultimate universe (Earth 1610) or even the alternate future 2099 universe (Earth 928… why they didn’t go with “Earth 2099” I will never know.) So that leaves Eli as Earth 616’s Spider-Man, Caleb is Ben Reilly, theĀ Scarlet Spider, who is actually also a 616 resident, but is a clone of Peter Parker (seemed appropriate since identical twins are essentially clones of each other), and Smudge as a variation of the armored Spider-Man (different from the Iron Spider) from Earth 31198. …Not that anyone was wondering in that amount of detail… I am once again confronted by my nerdiness, and I am pretty ok with it.

I have come to the decision to stop publishing things on Patreon. I am so greatfull to everyone who has contributed and I’ve had a lot of fun doing the commission pieces and bonus comics, but it takes a considerable amount of time to fulfill those obligations and I think the time could be better spent building a client base for Two by Two Studios content creation business. I will be finishing this month (don’t worry subscribers) but will shut it down before the next billing cycle. I think I will still do some bonus comics, but I will release Two by Two and Love Movers in a digital downloadable format as complete seasons (I’ve been writing them in season sized chunks).

That’s all I got for today! Stay classy you crazy kids.