I’ll admit that an hour is fairly ambitious. We generally try to keep it under 2 hours, but there are days where you need to treat the tv like the third spouse in a plural marriage and let it raise your kids for the day. Most days you need the thrive, but it’s ok to have a few days where you just survive. I recently had to upgrade my phone, and my new one has twice as much space on it, so while I never had games on my phone before, I suddenly have about 6. Now that my kids know I have games on it they are always asking for it. I’ve discovered though, that if you set a timer on the clock app for 5 or 10 minutes, and tell them they can play until the alarm goes off, they are usually not too upset when it rings and their turn ends.

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That’s all I got today folks! This posted a little later in the week because I didn’t have it fully drawn until Sunday night and I wanted to honour my commitment to my Patreon subscribers who get comics early. Next week we will be back to Monday, so don’t miss it!