It’s friggin impossible to find variations on lunch food that my kids will eat! They hate lunch meat, tuna, the wrong kind of chicken, jam, honey, and anything else one might conceive of putting in a sandwich. They love bacon, though, they never tire of bacon. But I feel like such a trash parent making them bacon sandwiches every day! The schools don’t make it easier either, the kids come home saying that granola bars are unhealthy, and I’m like “yes, if all you ate were granola bars, that would be unhealthy, but having one in your lunch every day is not going to turn you into a diabetic…” Every once in a while I will pack them something different and hope they don’t notice, a tactic that NEVER worked for my mom on me, so I don’t know why I assume I have the gumption to pull it off. Anyway, the point is moot as they are all sick today anyways, so we are subsiding on waffles and peanut butter for the day.

I’ve been a tad behind on my comic-ing and my patreon obligations because Sarah’s computer did a massive data dump and we’ve been sharing mine while hers is in the shop. I am a proponent of open source software, so I use open office for all my office type needs. Sarah, on the other hand, uses Microsoft Office, and so she installed it on my computer and I can’t wait to uninstall it! Everytime I open a document it opens in Microsoft Office instead of Open Office, and I haaaaate Microsoft office… oh well, the point is, I should get back on track this week. Love Movers is going to drop Wednesday and there will be a bonus comic each week this month! so, enjoy that.

I think that’s all I have for you today. I am also sick, and so I am watching what I wish were a funnier stand up special by Dana Carvey. He just needs to do church lady and Garth and I’ll be back on his side, but his Trump impression leaves a lot to be desired. Oh well. Happy Monday folks!