This is “Bad Kitty”

the personification of evil.

Caleb uses him to act out terrible situations and take blame.

He will put Bad Kitty into a car and make it crash into other cars or toys

Bad Kitty will hiss and scratch people

He will be in places he’s not supposed to be

all the while bearing the brunt of Caleb’s reprimands

as he plays he shouts “NO KITTY NOOOOO! BAD KITTY!”

It’s funny how kids experiment and wrap their minds around the concept of evil, or bad.

I think this is the beginning or story telling; he has a villain, and he decries his villainous behavior!

I wonder how long until he thinks up a Hero to counter Bad Kitty, or will he play with the idea of redemption and have Bad Kitty turn good.

Good Kitty sounds okay.

He doesn’t realize it, but he’s doing philosophy. Exploring the concepts and consequences of morality.

That’s my boy!

How do (or did) your kids experiment with morality or other philosophical concepts?