poster cTwo by Two is the mostly true story of the Baker family. I created this comic as a way to help me process the things that happen in my life. I am married, I have twin boys and another baby on the way, I work in Youth Ministry, and I am pursuing my B.A. in Religious Studies and Philosophy at Tyndale University College and Seminary. How do I then find the time to draw a comic each week? I find it because it keeps me sane. I love drawing, and would be drawing as much as I do anyways even if I didn’t publish my work. It helps me take a breath and step back in stressful times and see the hilarity that is actually happening all around me. And let’s face it, some pretty hilarious things happen around me.

Since I started Two by Two on its humble little blogspot site I have posted a weekly comic over the last few years and at one point I ran a mildly successful Indie Go Go campaign and now self published my comics and some of my favorite blogs into a book.cover front While I don’t know what the future holds for this comic I am loving every minute that I get to do it, and am very grateful for the fans of my work who continue to read, comment, and encourage this outlet.

In view of the growing popularity of the webcomic I maintain that my first duties are to my family and my church, and have been able to use the comic on many occasions to connect with youth and parents. I have a passion for teaching youth about God and am available to speak to your church or youth group about anything from God to comics (and hey, why not both!) You can find my contact info in the “Contact Me” section of the website.

I am an artist at heart. Always have been, always will be. I will be drawing comics as long as my pen has ink.

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